Platform architecture

Below is a KWS ‘cluster’; it is a distinct group of infrastructure components (web servers, databases, etc) that are all separate (they do not share resources).

You will have your own cluster to integrate as many websites/mobile applications as you need. Within each cluster are your ‘KWS Apps’ - these will be referred to as ‘nodes’ from here-on in order to distinguish them from the application/website you are building.

As shown above, each node (KWS App) is ‘connected’ to your apps using our SDKs/API. The node then provides the authentication layer (alongside all the other great benefits of KWS). You will be able to brand each of these nodes as you please.

Furthermore, all nodes within your cluster will share ‘users’ (as a form of single-sign-on). So for example, if you have three nodes within your cluster (as per the above image) kids will be able to use the same credentials to sign into all other apps that you have within that cluster with the same credentials.