Example (Web) integration

Above is an example implementation of KWS on a showcase application called Very Excellent Games. It follows the user journey for a 'kid' (e.g. under COPPA/GDPR age thresholds).

'VEG' is a gaming site aimed at kids between the ages of 7-11. The focus is on creating a fun experience while still ensuring that kids are safe online. This is done by giving parents control on what personally identifiable information their kids can provide.

The Process



  1. This is the login page that the user will be taken to when they click the ‘login’ button from the web application.
  2. From here the user can choose to sign in or log into their existing account.

See the branded auth screen here

1) Kid Sign up

  1. The above shows the registration flow if the user chooses to create a new account.
  2. Note that this flow is customizable (e.g. you can choose not to ask the user’s DOB upfront and you can also choose not to have them generate a display name).
  3. In the above example, if the user enters a DOB that KWS determines to be lower than the relevant threshold (e.g. user is a kid) - they are asked for their parent’s email address.

2) Kid Requests Permission

  1. In this example, the kid wants to receive a magazine.
  2. For this to be sent to their home address - they will need to provide that address (and of course this is PII) and that requires parental consent
  3. KWS sends an email the parent alerting them about the request.
  4. The parent can then click it to go to the Parent Portal where they can manage all their kids’ requests.

3) Parent Grants Permission


  1. In the Parent Portal - the parent will be able to grant (or revoke) permissions on a granular level (for each of their kids)
  2. Therefore in this case the parent would grant permissions for the ‘Welcome Magazine’.
  3. The parent can then either add the kid’s address or the kid can add it on their own within the app.

Kid-safe push notifications

Cross-platform push notifications to kids - powered by KWS. Kids will have an opportunity to Opt-out of these.


Our SDK’s allow you to integrate KWS into your mobile and tablet apps too!