On-boarding process

KWS is a ‘self-service’ platform: you will be able to achieve a full integration with little intervention from SuperAwesome. This makes the service a good fit for developers who value their flexibility. You will be able to drive the pace and depth of integration of your application into this powerful platform.

Below is a high-level view of the steps involved in integrating KWS. If you are driving this implementation as a project, consider using it as a guide when structuring your project plan.

As shown in the diagram, the on-boarding process occurs in 3 key phases that will be fully driven by you and your team:

  1. Orientation – Your development team will need to read through the KWS documentation. Ensure that you use the wealth of on-boarding materials that are noted in this document (SDKs, instruction manuals, FAQs, etc.). If your team has any further queries, SuperAwesome will be available to provide guidance.
  2. Integration Testing – At this point your teams are comfortable with the technical details of how to integrate into KWS. It is now time for them to integrate your staging application/website into a staging cluster of KWS before attempting a live integration.
  3. Live Integration – Now that you are satisfied with the results of your testing, you are ready to integrate KWS into your live application. The live integration is an exact mirror of the process you will have followed for the staging integration.