Brand Your App

This document gives guidance on how to brand your white-label KWS apps.


Authentication Screen

The KWS authentication pages are fully brand-able; this, also means that copy text is changeable. See below for details. The assets denoted with an asterix (*) can be changed via your Control Panel:

A - Secondary Colour*

    • Hex/RGB Colour Code

B - Logo*

    • PNG

C - Legal docs*

    • Link to FAQ's Page (HTTPS)
    • Link to About Page (HTTPS)

D - Primary Colour*

    • Hex/RGB Colour Code

Other brand-able elements:

KWS also allows you to further brand your apps with the following assets. The assets denoted with an asterix (*) can be changed via your Control Panel:

  • Main background image* - JPEG 1300x800 pixels
  • Favicon* - PNG 32 x 32 pixels
  • App Icon* - PNG 32 x 32 pixels


You can brand automated emails produced by KWS by adding your own header image. Copy text for all automated emails to parents and children can also be tailored to your requirements. The assets denoted with an asterix (*) can be changed via your Control Panel:

G - Email Header Image*

    • JPEG - 600 x 225 pixels

I - Copy for Emails (To Parent/Child)

    • Text (Subject, Body)

J - Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions*

    • Https - URL


For each permission that you would like to have set up on your app; please provide the following to your implementation manager (as you will not be able to set these yourself in the Control Panel):

Displayed to the parent in the Parent Portal:

  • Title: 20 characters
  • Short Description: 255 characters
  • Long Description: 1024 characters

Displayed to the kid (e.g. in the SSO view):

  • Kid Facing Description: 256 characters
  • Privacy Policy link

Tell us the following:

  • Will the permission be opt-in or opt-out?
  • Is this permission dependent on the granting of another permission?

Note: If your app supports multiple languages, you will need to provide the above copy in each of those languages.

Display Names

If you are utilising the display name feature, you will need to define nouns and adjectives. These will be used to generate a random display name for kids during the sign up process. You can make this change from within your Control Panel; we recommend at least 10 nouns and 10 adjectives; for larger apps aim for more in order to reduce the occurrence of repetitive display names.

You will also be able to define whether the nouns and adjectives you set are 'masculine', 'feminine' or 'gender neutral'. This will allow the system match e.g. masculine adjectives to masculine nouns when generating display names.

Updating assets via your CPanel

Once you are ready to apply your assets and branding to your KWS app, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your KWS Cluster
  2. Click on ‘My Apps’ in the top navigation menu
  3. Click on the KWS App that you want to apply your custom assets to
  4. Click ‘Settings’ in the top navigation menu.
  5. Click on the ‘Branding And Imagery’ section

Branding demonstration

We prepared UI mockups of a showcase app ‘SuperAwesome Games’. Have a look to see how a KWS based app can look when all the noted branding features are utilised.

See branding demo here