Brand The Parent POrtal

This document gives guidance on how enterprise clients can brand their white-label Parent Portal.

Home Page

A - Parent Portal Logo

    • PNG - 60 x 60 pixels

B - Main heading copy

C - Main subheading copy

D - Main home page banner

    • PNG, 1300 x 840pixels

E - How it works (step 1,2,3) copy

F - Secondary Home Page Banner

    • PNG, 1300 x 500 pixels

G - Kids Safety Online section copy

H - Privacy policy

    • URL to self hosted page (HTTPS)

I - Terms and conditions

    • URL to self hosted page (HTTPS)

About us Page

A - About us banner

    • PNG, 1300 x 500 pixels

B - About us subheading copy

C - Mission statement heading copy

D - Mission statement copy

FAQ Page

A - FAQ banner

    • PNG, 1300 x 500 pixels

B - FAQ subheading copy

C - FAQ's (supply a question and answer for each)

Contact us

A - Contact us banner

    • PNG, 1300 x 500 pixels

B - Contact us subheading copy

C - Your support email address

Other Assets

A - Parent Portal Favicon

    • PNG 32 x 32 pixels

B - Default Email Banner

    • JPG, 620 x 225 pixels

C - Primary Colour (applied to buttons, links e.t.c.)

    • Hex or RGB colour code

D - Secondary Colour (applied on mouse over)

    • Hex or RGB colour code

Email Copy

Alongside the above, you can also provide custom copy for automated emails that are sent to parents by the Parent Portal:

  1. Initial child sign up - requested link with the parent
  2. Child requested permissions
  3. Child activated new app (excluding the first one)
  4. Parent reset password
  5. Parent validate email
  6. Child deleted account
  7. Email plus
  8. Child updated

We provided this base copy (for each of the above emails) that you can use as a template.


Finally, you will need to provide copy for each of the permissions that you would like us to set up within your app. The copy should be clear and concise; it should allow the parent to understand what is being asked of them. Where PII is being collected, be clear about what exactly it will be used for.

Displayed to the parent in the Parent Portal:

A - Title: 20 characters

B - Short Description: 255 characters

C - Long Description: 1024 characters

Displayed to the kid (e.g. on the SSO view during registration):

D - Kid Facing Description: 256 characters

Legal Notice:

E - Privacy Policy link