Social SDKs


The Kids Web Services Social SDKs are a set of individual compose-able components for easily creating kid-safe social applications for the Android and iOS platforms. They may be used in isolation of each other or composed together to create a complete social media experience for kids.

The SDKs are backed by SuperAwesome’s Kids Web Services platform, which provides APIs for authentication, compliance, content creation, content moderation, social actions (such as like, share, follow), and personalised social content feeds.

You can read about how to get started with the social SDKs on iOS or on Android and learn more about what is customisable out-of-the-box here.

Reference Application

SuperAwesome provides a reference application, which demonstrates how the SDKs can be composed into a complete application. You are free to start from that reference application, and simply modify that, or you can compose the SDKs yourself.

Get in touch to find out more about the reference application and get a demo.


The following SDKs are available at this time:

  • Authentication & OnBoarding
    • Create Username Input view
    • Create Password Input view
    • Login Input view
    • Login & Register buttons (Similar to FB or Google buttons)
    • Onboarding view
    • Select Avatar
  • Content
    • Feeds
    • FeedItem
    • Video Player
    • Comments
    • Search
    • Profile
    • Friends
    • Rich Web View
  • Misc
    • Recover Password
    • Set Email
  • Content input
    • Comment Input Box
    • Caption Input Box
    • Repost Input Box
  • Art Tool

The SDKs are summarised below, and you can find out how to get started with them on iOS and Android.

Authentication & OnBoarding SDK

Provides default UI for creation of new user accounts and authenticating existing users. Includes additional functionality for requesting password reset emails and generating random usernames via the KWS API.

Content SDK

Provides default UI for displaying feeds of content tiles from users, channel or other content feeds retrieved from the KWS Social API.


  • functionality for liking and sharing content items via the KWS API, and to report content to moderators.
  • support for displaying image and video content within content tiles. Content tiles include author information, in the form of a username and user avatar, and support the presence of a text comment as part of the content.
  • an embedded video player that provides default UI for playback of video content with functionality for play, pause, scrub, replay, and fullscreen.
  • a default UI for searching for users, channel names or content by tags.
  • a user profile page

Content Input SDK

Provides default UIs for in inputting content for comments and captions.

Art Tool SDK

Provides a richly feature art creation tool, with functionality to that allows a user to create drawings with different brushes and colours, adding stickers and photos and more.