Skinning the Social SDKs

Style Guide

We can provide a skinnable Sketch or Figma file for your designers to customise. This file includes a style guide and all main screens so that when elements such as buttons, typography, icons and colours are changed it’s reflected across the screens giving you and your designers a view on what your app will look like.


colour scheme

Backgrounds, buttons, text and icons can all have their colour changed.


Typography can be customised.

Button Styling

We have 4 button styles all of which can be changed (colour, shape & typography).

icon images

On iOS and Android all our UI icons are customised and therefore customisable, we don’t use any default icon. All icons can be changed.

loading spinner

The loading spinner can be customised, we supply two versions, white and rainbow coloured.

splash screen

You can change the background and logo.

empty states

You can change the logo image.