Skinning the Social SDKs

Skinning the iOS SDKs

Every view in the iOS KWS Social UI SDK conforms to the Skinnable protocol.

Conforming to this protocol will allow the view to be skinned using any object inheriting from SkinProtocol.

The skin is defined programmatically.

This protocol defines what can be customised, or skinned, in a view.

We provide a default skin for every view in our SDKs.

To implement a custom view the only necessary step is to create an object conforming to it or initialise a new skin overriding the default values.

Here is an example using the above protocol: IntialViewSkinProtocol.

The skin can then be injected at initialisation time when creating the view, IntialView in this case.

Interface Builder

The skins we provide don’t support Interface Builder (IB), however it is possible to modify the skins in the initialisation code allowing you to make use of it. A view created with IB, conformed to Skinnable, has a setter method which can be used to apply the skin to the view.