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About KWS kid account management

In addition to permissions and consent management, KWS offers out-of-the-box user account management. This includes a customisable multi-app single sign-on (SSO) view that handles user sign-up and sign-in on all your KWS-managed apps.

These are the main differences between a ‘KWS user account management’ environment and the standard ‘own user account management’ environment.

  • No need to build your own authentication flow. You can use the KWS-provided multi-app SSO view instead. The KWS SSO view handles functionality such as random display name generation, permissions requests, and password reset requests.
  • KWS stores your app user accounts.
  • You use the My Apps > Users tab to view and manage your users.

Here is a roadmap for setting up your KWS environment with user account management:

* Steps 1, 3, and 6 are the same whether you are using KWS user account management or not. For those steps, the links below take you to the common sections of the documentation.

1* Create your KWS appIn the KWS Control Panel, create your KWS app and
configure it for your chosen sign-up/sign-in flow.
Apply your own branding and localisation if required.
2Choose your authentication flowChoose your authentication/authorisation and permissions management flow.
3* Set up permissionsLiaise with your Implementation Manager to define and
set up the permissions that are required for kids to use
your app.
In the KWS Control Panel, view the permissions and add
localisation and branding, if required.
4Set up display names
In the KWS Control Panel, set up the nouns and
adjectives that will be used to randomly generate a unique display name on user creation, if required.
5Configure the KWS SSO viewConfigure the URL for the KWS-provided SSO view to include the specific functionality that you require for your app.
6* Set up webhooksSet up any webhooks that you require.
Updated on 22/03/2021

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