About SuperAwesome

SuperAwesome powers the kids’ digital media ecosystem.

SuperAwesome’s technology is used by hundreds of brands and content owners to engage safely with over 500M kids every month. The company has pioneered the ‘kidtech’ market: technology which delivers digital media functionality with a ‘zero-data’ design to ensure total safety for kids.

SuperAwesome has reshaped the kids’ digital media landscape with their kid-safe tools and technology including AwesomeAds (the biggest kid-safe ad platform in the world), REX (the first kid-safe programmatic ad filter), and Kids Web Services (kids/parent authentication).

The company was awarded Breakthrough Technology awards at the Campaign Creative Tech Awards in 2017 for REX, the world’s first kid-safe programmatic ad filter, and again in 2018, for kid-safe programmatic advertising.

SuperAwesome’s mission is to make the internet safer for kids. The key to achieving that impact is scale. The bigger SuperAwesome is, the more its products are adopted, and the more children are engaging with a safer digital environment. In 2020, in order to accelerate its growth, SuperAwesome agreed to be acquired by Epic Games, joining their family while continuing its mission as SuperAwesome. See the announcement here.

Led by serial tech investor and entrepreneur CEO Dylan Collins, the company’s rapidly growing global team is headquartered in London with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Sydney. For more information, please visit us on the web, our blogTwitter or LinkedIn.

Find out more about SuperAwesome here.

Updated on 18/05/2023

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