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Access gate for kids

This flow treats kids and older users differently. Kids require parental consent, both for access and additional features:

When to use this flow

If your app or website requires kids to provide parental consent before they can access any part of it, we recommend this flow. Typically, this means your app or website requires some personally identifiable information (PII) up front, and is not usable without it.

For example:

  • The user’s GPS/location is required for an app that always needs to be location-aware to fulfil its basic function.
  • Access to the user’s phone camera is required for an app in which taking photos are integral to the user experience.

The best user experience is one that allows kids to register and begin using at least some part of your app straight away without hitting an access wall, as in the Feature gate for kids flow. To avoid impeding your conversion funnel unnecessarily, only utilise an access wall if absolutely necessarily.

About this flow

During sign-up, the user must provide their date of birth.

If the user is below the age threshold (i.e. a kid):

  1. During sign-up, the user must provide their parent’s email address.
  2. The user cannot access the app until parental consent is given.
  3. When parental consent is given, the user can access the app but features that require parental consent are disabled.
  4. The user can then progressively request access to the disabled features from their parent.
  5. The parent manages the user’s permissions using the KWS Parent Portal.

If the user is above the age threshold:

  1. The user does not provide a parent’s email address.
  2. The user gets access to the app and all its features immediately.
Updated on 24/11/2020

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