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An Overview of Kids Web Services

Creating innovative digital experiences for kids should not be difficult. However, building these experiences for kids often requires sensitive or personal data which requires parental consent under COPPA and GDPR-K. 

Kids Web Services (KWS) allows you to easily request for parental consent, compliant with data privacy regulations around the world.

Allow kids to share photos or videos in your creative community
Enable camera access to power a live augmented reality game
Email address 
Invite kids to join your loyalty club 
Derive insights from your very own focus group
Keep kids engaged by sending them the latest news and updates
Build a vibrant community powered by moderated content from kids
Enable kid-safe, compliant competitions for awesome prizes
Allow kids to find each other or to connect to your service using GPS
Use geolocation data to power real-time AR experiences. Find out more.
Push notifications
Drive retention and return visits through compliant web and mobile notifications. Find out more


Remove legal complexity and cost

Standardized, optimized and best-in-class infrastructure for all of your critical data collection flows. Fully COPPA and GDPR-K compliant.

Industry-leading conversion rates

KWS provides the world’s largest verified parents network sharing verifications across all of its clusters.


Capacity to handle millions of concurrent users, automatically scaling services up-and-down based on usage & use cases.

Easy implementation

Out-of-the-box, easy to integrate APIs.

Data storage

Distributed globally to adhere to local legislation.


Registration and Authentication
KWS takes care of authentication and data collection – allowing kids
to sign in to all your apps using seamless SSO. Find out more.
Verifiable Parental Consent
Parents can provide verifiable consent for the collection of their kids’ personal data in compliance with COPPA/GDPR-K. Find out more.
Seamlessly integrate KWS into the aesthetics of your app/brand. Find out more.
Parent Portal
Parents can manage their kids’ accounts, provide verifiable consent and much more; all within one simple dashboard.
COPPA-Compliant Push Notifications
Send kid-safe notifications to your users across web and mobile. Find out more.
Control Panel
From here you can create, edit and manage your apps and users in one simple dashboard. Find out more.
Custom Features
Use your imagination…what can
you create? KWS’ flexible APIs allow you to hook in custom functions.
Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese. With more to come…find out more
Updated on 12/09/2019

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