About the KWS API

Kids Web Services has an HTTP API that you can use to build apps across platforms. We currently don’t support any platform-specific SDKs.

For a full description of the KWS API, the authentication flows it supports, and definitions of the KWS API endpoints, see the KWS API specification.

To facilitate integration with the KWS API, the Control Panel’s Integration tab lists some important parameters you may need to pass to KWS API endpoints:

App IdThe unique identifier for your app.
Client IdThe public identifier for the app the user is authenticating in.
API keyThe API key for authentication with the KWS API.
API hostThe domain name of the host that serves the API.
SSO (Single Sign On) URLRelevant only if you use KWS to manage your user accounts.
This the basic URL for the KWS-provided SSO view. You can further configure this URL to meet your app’s requirements, as described in Set up the KWS SSO view.
Parent Portal URLThe URL for your KWS environment’s Parent Portal.
OAuth Redirect URLSFor security purposes, you must enter here any URLs to which your app’s SSO view may redirect after sign-up.
To redirect to one of these URLS, pass the URL as a parameter to the authorise endpoint. See Build your authentication flow for details.

NOTE: If using KWS to manage your user accounts, you still need to define your redirect URLS here. Then simply configure the KWS SSO URL to redirect to the required URL: set the skipRedirect parameter to false, and set redirectUri to the required URL.
Updated on 23/03/2021

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