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5) Brand Your Emails

You can brand automated emails produced by KWS by adding your own header image. The assets denoted with an asterisk (*) can be changed via your Control Panel:

Though the copy for all automated emails to parents and children can be tailored to your requirements–we strongly recommend that you retain the standard copy that is provided. This text has been through our own legal review and is optimized for the best UX and conversion rates. You can see all the standard email copy here.

A – Header Image

  • JPEG – 600 x 225 pixels

B – CTA colour

C – The background colour for the permission copy is derived from the CTA colour

  • Hex Colour Code

D – Permission Copy (Permission name and description)

E – Link to your privacy policy

  • Https – URL

FYI: If you would like to brand the sender email address that is shown in all emails sent by KWS to e.g. noreply@yourdomain.com follow this guide.

Updated on 11/11/2019

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