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Control Panel Overview

This overview covers the key components of your Control Panel. Take some time to familiarise yourself with it and reach out to us with any questions. Below is an image of what the menu at the top of your Control Panel will look like:

(A) My Apps
A list of all your KWS Apps. You can also create new KWS Apps from here.
(B) Configuration
Access advanced features to brand and manage your Parent Portal and emails.
(C) My Company
Manage users of the Control Panel here, invite your colleagues and manage their access rights.
(D) My Profile
See your profile information here and change your password.
(E) Log-out
Use this to log out of your Control Panel. Make sure you always log out when you are not using it to reduce the risk of unauthorised access.
(F) Settings
Brand your app here by adding a logo and other custom assets.
(G) Users
Find all the information you have safely collected about the users of your app and administer their accounts.
(H) Integration
Find all the parameters you need to integrate KWS into your app.
(I) Web-hooks
Create and see a list of existing web-hooks for your app.
(J) App List
If you have multiple KWS Apps, use this toggle to quickly switch between them.
Updated on 03/01/2020

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