The Control Panel

Control Panel overview

The Control Panel is your KWS dashboard. It enables you to manage your apps and websites and their users. It also enables you to apply custom branding and localisation to your KWS environment, manage features such as push notifications, and produce reports on user stats.

This overview covers the key components of your Control Panel. Take some time to familiarise yourself with it and reach out to us with any questions.

My Apps view

When you log in to KWS, the My Apps view displays all your apps and websites, and enables you to create new ones:

Click on an app Name to display the app-specific menu. This menu provides all the options you need to configure the selected app or website:

My Apps > Settings

The first option, Settings, is selected by default. It displays 4 tabs: Basic information, Branding, Permissions and Display names:

In each of these tabs:

  • You can change the app context by selecting from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side.
  • You can switch language using the Localise your app/website dropdown menu. This enables you to customise your KWS environment for different regions. For more information, see Localisation.

My Apps > Settings > Basic information

This is where you provide the basic details about your app. For more information, see Create your KWS app.

My Apps > Settings > Branding

The Branding tab enables you to upload your own custom logos and icons and to specify a custom email footer for the emails you send to users’ parents. For more information, see Branding.

In addition to the assets you can upload in the Branding tab, your Implementation Manager can apply some other branding elements to your KWS environment for you. For more information, see Branding.

My Apps > Settings > Permissions

The Permissions tab is where you can view the permissions for your app or website. Permissions must be set up for you by your Implementation Manager. For more information, see Set up app permissions.

My Apps > Settings > Display names

The Display names tab is where you can specify the nouns and adjectives that will be randomly combined to generate display user names for your app users. For more information, see Set up display names.

My Apps > Users

The Users tab displays the username and display name for all users of the selected app or website. For more information, see Manage your app user accounts.

My Apps > Integration

The Integration view enables you to copy parameter values to facilitate integration of the selected app or website with the KWS API.

My Apps > Webhooks

The Webhooks view enables you to set up webhooks for your app or website. A webhook notifies your application backend with an HTTP call when a certain event happens; for example when a kid’s permissions change, or when a parent registers to use the Parent Portal.

For more information, see Set up webhooks.

My Company view

The Company view is where you manage your company’s KWS users and their roles and permissions. For more information, see User roles and permissions.

My Profile view

The My Profile view displays details of your own KWS Control Panel account. You can view your access rights for each app in your KWS environment, and if necessary you can change your password.

Reporting view

If you have Company Admin permissions, you can produce a variety of analytics reports on the data in your KWS environment. The reports consist entirely of aggregated (and therefore anonymised) data.

For more information, see KWS reports.

Updated on 24/11/2020

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