Support your end users

Going live

When your production app is built, you are free to go live whenever you want. Make sure you inform your Implementation Manager, in case any extra preparations need to be made to support your launch. This is particularly important if you expect a large influx of users in the first few days/weeks.

End users’ FAQs

It is important to support your end users following the launch of your app. Below are some frequently asked questions that you may have to deal with. We strongly recommend that you maintain an FAQ page of your own (within your app or on your website) in order to help your users with such queries.

Account management

I forgot my login credentials
You can request a password reminder [here].
This is not my child
Sometimes, to get access to an app, kids enter a random email address when asked for their parent’s email address. If you receive an invitation to the Parent Portal but are sure it’s not from your child, please let us know.

In addition, you can follow the link in your invitation email. When prompted to confirm that the user is your child, you can choose to decline.

You can reach out to {Company Name}’s support team for assistance [here].
I want to delete my child’s account
– Log into your Parent Portal account and select My Family in the main menu.
– Select the account you wish to delete.
– Click Delete Profile.
– Follow the onscreen prompts.
Once done, your child’s data is completely purged from our system.

You can reach out to {Company Name}’s support team for assistance [here].

Parent identity verification

Why do some permissions not require credit card verification?
Some permissions do not require your child to disclose personally identifiable information; these are of lower risk to your child’s online safety than those that do.
We only require you to go through the credit card verification process for ‘higher risk’ scenarios; for example, those that require your child to disclose information such as their location in order to use the app.
Why was my credit card charged?
As part of the process of verifying that you are over 18 years old, we charge your credit card the sum of $1 (USA) or £0.30 (outside the USA). The law requires us to make this charge before we can allow you to grant certain permissions to your child via the Parent Portal.
Does the credit card verification charge recur monthly?
No. The credit card verification is a one-time charge. Once you have completed the process on the Parent Portal, you don’t have to go through it again and it covers all your children.
Will I get a refund after completing the credit card verification process?
– If you are based outside the USA, we refund your payment within 30 days.
– If you are in the USA, the $1 charge is not refunded to you. It is donated to a charity that promotes the protection of kids online.
Why do you need my personal information, such as social security number?
In the USA, as required by law, we verify your identity by taking your name, address and an ID number such as the last 4 digits of your social security number. We check these details against government records to verify your identity. This is solely for the purpose of confirming that you are an adult. Your details are only used for this purpose and are NOT stored or shared with anyone after the initial check. 

Once your identity has been verified, we do not need to check it again if your child signs up to another app or website and provides your email address in order to obtain consent.  
Why can I not see ‘SSN verification’ as an option?
Only users in the USA can use social security number (SSN) verification. If you are based outside the USA, you can only use credit card verification.
Am I charged when I verify my identity with my social security number?
No, you are not charged when you provide SSN verification. You are only charged if you provide credit card verification.
If you provide credit card verification, we collect a small charge from your credit card ($1 in the USA, £0.30 elsewhere). If you are in the USA, this money is donated to a children’s online protection charity; otherwise it is refunded to you.

Find out more [here].
I don’t have an ID number
That’s OK! There are other options to verify your identity, such as using a credit card.
I put in my ID number but it says it could not verify me
That’s OK! There are other options to verify your identity, such as using a credit card.
I am uncomfortable about giving my personal information
We collect your personal information ONLY to verify your age so that you can provide consent for your child to use our app. The information is not stored, used for any other purpose, or shared with anyone after the initial check. 

We take kids’ digital safety seriously and are legally required to obtain parental consent for children to be able to access and play our games. By verifying that you are an adult, we can ensure that the person who gives permission is authorised to do so. 

Updated on 22/03/2021

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