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Example Flow 1.1 – Access Gate for Kids

Developer Requirements

This flow illustrates a use case where the developer requires the following:

  1. Restrict kids who are below the legal age threshold from accessing the app until parental consent is given.
    • These kids will need to supply their parent email address during registration.
  2. Users who are above the legal age thresholds do not provide their parent’s email address
    • These users will access the app straight away without needing to request permissions to do so.
    • They will have access to all features that would normally be disabled for kids who are pending permissions


If you’re developing an application that absolutely requires parental consent before it can be used, we recommend this flow. Some examples of situations where this may be necessary when your app requires PII upfront (e.g. without this PII the app would not be usable):

  • GPS/location – e.g. for an app that needs to always be location-aware to fulfil its basic function
  • Phone camera – e.g. for an app where taking photos are integral to the user experience
  • E.t.c.

The best user experience is one that always allows kids to register and begin using your app without hitting an access wall (for this refer to ‘Example Flow 1.0’ above). Only utilise an access wall if you absolutely need to in order to avoid impeding your conversion funnel unnecessarily.

Updated on 29/08/2019

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