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Example Flow 2.1 – Access Gate for all Users

Developer Requirements

This flow illustrates a use case where the developer requires the following:

  1. All users are treated as kids.
  2. All users have to therefore provide their parent’s email address
  3. All users will need parental consent before they can access the app


If you’re developing an app that is specifically targeted at kids and want to treat all users as kids while requiring parental consent before giving them access to your app – we recommend this flow.

If you expect users that are not kids to also use your app, consider implementing ‘Example Flow 1.1’ instead. Treating such users as kids is likely to negatively impact your conversion funnel due to the added parental consent steps (which will be irrelevant for them).
At registration, you may choose not to collect a date of birth since all users are treated the same regardless of age.

Updated on 29/08/2019

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