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Feature gate for all users

This flow treats all users as kids. All users get immediate access, but parental consent is required for additional features:

When to use this flow

If your app or website is specifically targeted at kids and you want to treat all users as kids, we recommend this flow.

If you expect a significant number of your app’s users to be above the legal age threshold, consider implementing the Feature gate for kids instead.
Treating all users as kids is likely to negatively impact your conversion funnel due to the added (and for some users, irrelevant) parental consent steps.

About this flow

At registration, you may choose not to collect a date of birth. All users are treated the same, regardless of age.

  1. During sign-up, all users are treated as kids and therefore must provide their parent’s email address.
  2. On sign-up, all users get immediate access to the app, but features that require parental consent are disabled.
  3. Users can then progressively request access to the disabled features from their parent.
  4. The parent manages the user’s permissions using the KWS Parent Portal.
Updated on 24/11/2020

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