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Kidsafe Push Notifications

Push Notifications collect personal information hence providing such features to kids requires a lot of care. KWS manages the flow required to provide direct notice to parents for compliant push notifications.

Below is an example of how KWS fascilitates such a flow:

  1. The kid is presented with a native Push Notification subscription dialog (which is triggered as defined by your app).
  2. They can then choose to accept or decline it.
  3. If the kid accepts, your app checks (using the KWS API) if the kid has (parental) permission to receive push notifications.
  4. If the kid has permission, your app then subscribes thm to your push notification provider.
  5. The kid can now receive new push notifications (for as long as push notifications remain enabled on their device and their parent has not revoked permissions).
Updated on 12/09/2019

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