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KWS for kids only

This flow uses KWS for kids and your own system for all other users:

When to use this flow

If you wish to use KWS to handle sign-on by users under the legal age threshold, but a separate system to handle all other users, we recommend this flow.

This flow requires the most work by your company because it involves building custom backend code and maintaining a separate database of users.

About this flow

Before sign-up, all users must provide their date of birth.

If the user is below the age threshold (i.e. a kid):

Use either the Access gate for kids or the Feature gate for kids to handle the kid’s sign-up and access to features.

If the user is above the age threshold:

Handle the sign-up flow using your own custom-built system. See Build your own custom authentication UI.

Updated on 22/04/2021

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