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3) Provide Permission Copy

If you haven’t already done so, speak with your Implementation Manager who will help you to define what permissions you need to build into your user experience.

Once you have done this, provide the copy that you want to have visible to both parents (in the Parent Portal and in emails) and kids (during the sign-up process).

What you should provide

The copy that you provide should be clear and concise; it should allow the parent/child to understand what is being asked of them. Where personal information is being collected, be clear about what exactly it will be used for.

Displayed to the parent (in the Parent Portal and in emails):

A – Title: 20 characters

B – Permission Description: 255 characters

Displayed to the kid (on the SSO view during registration):

C – Kid Facing Permission Description: 256 characters

Legal Notice:

D – Privacy Policy link

E – Privacy Notice: 255 Characters (Find best practice guidance from the ICO here.)

Accessing existing permissions

Once your Implementation Manager has applied your required permissions and copy, you will be able to see them within your Control Panel under: Apps > Settings > Permissions as shown above. You may now use the permission codes within your API requests.

Updated on 21/08/2020

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