Within your KWS Control Panel, you’ll find a ‘Reporting’ section where you can download analytics data about your apps.


  • Kid Registrations: Total amount of kids who created a KWS account (by country)
  • Kid Activations: Total amount of kids who signed in for the first time in a KWS powered app (by app or by country)
  • Kids With Verified Parent: (VKRs) Monthly breakdown of kid accounts linked to a parent who verified their identity  (by app or by country)Permissions: Percentage of kid accounts who currently have each of the different permissions (by app or by country)


  • Log into your KWS Control Panel
  • Ensure you have ‘Company Admin’ access rights. If you don’t, here’s how your admin can grant these to you.
  • Click on the new ‘Reporting’ tab on the main menu (pictured above)
  • Select your desired report and download a CSV output


Q: Why are some of my reports empty?
A: Depending on your KWS use-case, some reports may not be relevant to you. For example, if you are only using KWS to gather parental consent and host kid yourselves, the ‘Kid Registrations’ report will not be relevant for you (and will be empty).

Q: How much data is captured in each report?
A: Each report is generated at the end of the calendar month and contains stats covering that month

.Q: Will I have access to historic data?
A: Yes, at any given time, you can download the last 3 reports (covering the last 3 reporting periods).

Q: Can the data be presented in graphs instead of CSV’s?
A: Currently you will only be able to download the data as CSV outputs. You can then pull these into a relevant tool to create your own graphs (e.g. Excel). In the near future, we will be building a dashboard into the control panel.

Q: Is there personal information about kids in the reports?
A: No, the data is aggregated and is therefore anonymized.
Updated on 24/06/2020

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