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What is the URL to my app’s SSO View

The URL to your SSO view will be structured as follows:

[EnvironmentName].sso.kws.superawesome.tv/[Language]/[Action]?[query string]&[query string]


  • EnvironmentName – this will be the first part of the URL for your KWS Control Panel which often includes the name of your company and a number of random digits thereafter. For example: ‘very-excellent-games-a6d2fe47’
  • Language – language code e.g. ‘en’ or ‘es’
  • Action – here you can carry out one of 2 actions:
    • to show the registration form use: ‘register’
    • to show login form user: ‘login’
  • Query strings – language code e.g. ‘en’ or ‘es’

Query Strings:

Below are the available query strings. Use them to construct the SSO view  you want to present to your users. Note: the query parameters are case sensitive.

Query string #1 is required alongside with either query string #4 or #5. The rest of the query strings are optional.

clientIdstringThis is the client ID for your KWS app. You can find this in the ‘Integration’ tab inside your control panel.
permissionsToRequestComma separated stringsA list of permissions to be automatically requested from the parent during sign up. You will need to comma separate each. Find the list of available permissions in the ‘Integration’ tab inside your control panel.
automaticActivationtrue/falseSkip the “generate display name” step during the sign up process
skipRedirecttrue/falseSkip the redirection after sign up
redirectUritrue/falsePass a url to redirect to (this and skipRedirect are exclusive). Note that the url you set here will need to be the same as the one set in your control panel (in the ‘Integration’ tab)
hideSignIntrue/falseHide the “sign in” option
hideSignUptrue/falseHide the “sign up” option
dobmillisecond timestampProvide the user’s date of birth as a millisecond timestamp (eg 1527858082436). When the user lands on the SSO view, their date of birth will be pre-populated and they will not be able to change it.
Updated on 04/09/2019

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