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Platform Updates

Below is a snapshot of key changes to the Kids Web Services Platform in 2019. Make sure you bookmark this page and check it regularly for updates. If you have any questions or want further details on any of the below do reach out to us.


  • Privacy notices added to accompany permission descriptions


  • Data retention policies for parents were updated


  • Parents are now redirected to parent portal v2 for a smoother consent experience



  • Added support for 3rd party OAuth providers for the Parent Portal
  • A separate email is sent to the parent to confirm that they have verified their identity
  • Simplified Chinese and Russian support language support


  • Documented support for ‘bring your own Single Sign-On’ (BYOSSO)


  • VPC requirements are set based on the permissions, instead of an entire app


  • Configurable VPC rules by region/country
  • Credit card verification charges in local card currency instead of US$1

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